The Best Wine Cooler Will Not Be Difficult to Find Out From Now!

On the market, actually, you can see many wine coolers in the free-standing or built-in design. Their capacity is so various, for examples 35 bottles in common or more. They also have many types of dimensions. Let’s read some wine cooler reviews, both on positive and negative sides, you will know the “hottest” products at present. This post will also provide you some tips to choose the unique wine cooler to place in your house.
As you know, wine cooler, with its features, is an ideal method to cool and preserve your wine as well as other drinks like juice, beers, sodas,… for a long-term or ready-to-drink. A styling, easy-to-use and effective wine cooler will raise the quality of your life. Looking for motivated and putative designs of the art products relative with the wine is also a hobby of the wine lovers. Though, the wine coolers or wine fridges are not the wine cellars. The time they can store the wine is still shorter than the wine cellars, about 1 year is maximum. It will be the best when being used for ready-to-drink. And their usage is keeping the wine at the best serving temperature; that is from 40 till 65 degrees F, basing on the kinds of the wine. Whereas, the purpose of a high-class wine cabinet or a wine cellar is storing the wine at its optimum aging temperature, that is 55 degrees F with all types of wines, reducing the temperature inconstancy, generate a moderate humidity of approximately 70%, prevent the bottles of wines from the quakes as well as ultraviolet lights. So in the best wine cellars, the wine can be safe absolutely up to 10 years.
About the appearance, almost people want their wine coolers to look very first-rate. So, producers designed the doors of these appliances with the tempered glasses together with the platinum edges and you can consider those adornment styles when buying them. The glass door has also an effect additionally that is supporting keeping the temperature inside through risen insulation, as well as prevent the UV or other added protections. Because we will usually open and close the wine coolers, please get one that the door hinges are reversible. If you like the modern beauty, let’s choose a wine cooler that has a simple design in a sleek shape with the black color.
Besides, you should also look for the wine coolers that have the tender LED light inside to be more convenient in case you need to take the wine or juice at night. This light is also used for the showcase purpose as a way to display your collection of wine. Or you can pick up the wine coolers which their wire shelves are removable or their racks are in slide-out form. They should be also sold with the particular lower shelves or racks that you will attach to your wine coolers when necessary. These elements are very important, because they have the decisive role in the matter whether your wine bottles will be placed in vogue or not. In wine coolers, racks are one of the typical features. A wine rack meeting the standard will fit the size of Bordeaux-shaped bottles. If you plus some bottles of Champagne, Pinot Noir, and Magnums, they will be full quickly. But, of course, there are still the wine coolers with the rack suitable for most of the wine bottles.
And do not forget to check their mechanical thermostats, as you need the coolers, not the refrigerators, they must maintain the balance of the temperature inside the wine cooler. If that wine cooler does not have an available thermometer, you have to buy another small digital one to attach on the door of the wine cooler. You just need to get a cheap one! Of course, remember that any coolers must have the digital control panels.
There is one thing more you need to care before buying the wine cooler; that is its duration. Do not get a wine cooler which will be broken after only 6 months. A good wine cooler can be used up to 10 years from the day you bring it to home. Since they are the wine coolers, they must ensure their ability in keeping your wine after being chilled to be cold as you want to maintain the best temperature for drinking. Additionally, they had better run without quirky noise because this sound can annoy you, so terrible! But if they must have the sound of operation, it is OK when this sound is as minimal as possible.
So, where are you intending to put it in your house? Very simple! Apart from the kitchen, under the kitchen counter for example, or living room, you can also place it in the basement. Especially, the size of these machines is very suitable for the tidy spaces, so you do not need to worry so much about this matter anymore. Some designs of wine coolers now can fit the area where is used to put a recycle bin.
If you have the babies and do not want they take the wine out of coolers, let’s choose one that has the lock.
Nowadays, some wine cooler sleeves are also produced to help you in chilling the wine easily while moving to the place of outdoor parties or picnics. They keep your bottles of wine at the optimal temperature, especially still very effectively in the hot climate.

Last but not least, do not forget considering the price, even when that wine cooler works very perfectly. Because the wine coolers are now sold very popularly on the market, their price will be quite competitively but still ensure the full function.
Moreover, the wine coolers almost do not manipulate the humidity, so you should not ask so much at this factor.
We are sure that when abiding by above secrets, you will find out supreme wine coolers, sophisticated in not only their look but also their structure, which can make you love a lot and be not disappointed even though a bit. And you can feel it is worth to spend your money on them and meets all of your demands.

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When You Should Buy A Wine Cooler and What To Consider When You Buy It

One of the most needed items that every wine lover should have in the house is a place to store their wine.
I am sure that for every wine lover’s house, you can easily see the sight of various bottle s with different aging time. If you want a place to store all of these bottles, there are mainly 3 options for you namely wine cellar, wine cooler and your normal refrigerator. Each of these options all has its own pros and cons.
For example, a wine cellar is very useful for a large selection of wine with a huge range of aging wine. A refrigerator is the common appliance which you might have already and therefore, would not cost you space and money to purchase one.
In this article, I want to mention about wine cooler, why you should invest in one and the factors that you need to consider when you buy it.
First, let’s find out why you need a wine storage like a wine cooler:
  • If you have a lot of wine bottles in your house, from 30 to 40 bottles on average.
  • You don’t have a lot of space to store all of your bottles
  • The weather in where you live is very hot and changes dramatically.
So if you have a lot of wine bottles and you want to keep them and age them, you need to find a place to store and organize all of your bottles. Furthermore, with a hot and changing outside temperature, it is never safe to put your wine outside in the cupboards.
In addition, if you want to age your wine, you will need a place with a certain ideal cool temperature. That is why you would need a wine storing place such as wine cellar, wine cooler and refrigerators.
And if you are living in a flat or a small house, you would find it hard to make space for a wine cellar. Furthermore, a refrigerator seems to offer you the space that you might need. However, as you also store other things in the refrigerator, you cannot set the ideal temperature for your wine.
And the refrigerator is one of the most used appliances in your house. When you open it during the day, it will lose the set temperature, making it hard to maintain the correct and constant temperature setting for your wine.
So for a small house and better temperature, my advice is to go for a wine cooler.

So what are the most common benefits of a wine cooler?
  • In general, a wine cooler is compact and portable. You can easily bring your wine cooler to various social events such as wedding parties or team building events.
  • The next benefit that you could get from having a wine cooler is that it could offer you a constant and ideal temperature for your selection of wine.  On the other hand, you cannot maintain an ideal constant temperature for your wine in the refrigerator.
  • A wine cooler with a thick door would also support to prevent natural light from getting into the wine and destroy the quality of the wine.
  • Besides storing wine of all kinds, you can use your wine cooler to store various things such as soft drinks, fruits such as apples and cheese. You can also cool your wine glasses inside the wine cooler. All of these will further help to save a lot of space for your kitchen.
  • Lastly, a wine cooler is very cheap to have and will not cost a lot of electricity to run.
So in general, if you want to have storage for your wine with a constant ideal temperature, in a small space then a wine cooler is your best option.
If I have convinced you to consider buying a wine cooler, you should read on to know what you should take into consideration when you purchase a wine cooler.
Here are the options that a wine cooler would offer to you:

1/ Size And Space

One of the most important features that you need to consider is the wine cooler’s sizes and space. The reason that persuades most of us to purchase a wine cooler is because it is very compact.
The size of the wine cooler needs to fit into your kitchen. It also needs to accommodate all of your bottles.
It is worth pointing out that you should not just buy a wine cooler that is able to keep all of the bottles that you have at the moment. You should make allowances for other bottles that you are going to buy in the future. Think forward for  1 year and see how many bottles you will need. If you plant to buy a lot, make sure you buy a bigger wine cooler.
Another thing you need to know clearly before buying any wine cooler is where you are going to place it. Choose a place and measure its dimensions writing it on a note and bringing it when you go shopping.

2/ Noise Level

You should also care about this factor, especially when you live in a small apartment. If you want to place it near your dining table or want your wine cooler to share the same wall with your bedroom, you need to opt for the low noise model.

3/ Other Built-In Features

All wine coolers come with various racks, which are made from wood or are stainless steel. These materials do not affect or enhance the quality of your wine.
Wooden racks are generally much more expensive than the stainless steel. You can choose either one of them according to your taste as well as how the new wine cooler can bend in with other furniture in your room.
Here are some general introductions about a wine cooler. In general, a wine cooler is very useful to store a large number of your wine bottles in a constant and perfect temperature for wine.
When you choose a certain product of wine cooler such as sizes, spaces, noise level and other built in features. You should carefully consider all of these feature before you make the final decision.
I hope that with all of the things mentioned above, you would be able to find the best wine cooler on the market and will make the best use out of it.

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What to Consider When Buying A Wine Cooler

If you are thinking about a way to store a lot of your bottles of wine, you should think about a wine cooler.
This appliance offers both advantages of a wine cellar and a refrigerator- it can help to maintain a perfect temperature for your wine like a wine cellar while saving a lot of space like a refrigerator.
There are a lot of wine coolers available on the market with different sizes and capacities. They are also offer a lot of different style and design.
If you want to use your wine cooler for a long time, it is very important that you can find the best wine cooler which is durable, performs well and suits your needs the most.
In order to do so, you need to select a wine cooler very carefully. The process of choosing one is not easy as there are various things to consider.

Here are some of the most important things that you need to check in a wine cooler:

1. The Price

The first thing that you need to do when you want to buy anything is setting aside how much you would want for it. The price range of wine cooler varies a great deal. You should do comparative shopping as well as doing shopping and searching on the Internet for how much should you pay.
If you don’t want to store a lot of wine for a huge amount of time, you could skip the most expensive options.
However, you should also not opt for the cheapest option as well. A cheap wine cooler will break out really soon and may destroy the quality of the wine instead of maintaining it.

2. Size

This is one of the most important factors that every buyer who wants to buy a wine cooler all looks into.
There are a few things that you need to consider when you choose the size of your wine cooler.
+ First and foremost, you need to estimate how many bottles that you have and want to store in the wine cooler. If you have a lot of bottles, let’s say like 30 to 40 bottles, you need to find a big wine cooler with a lot of space.
You can start narrowing down your selection of wine cooler by choosing how many bottles you would want to store.
Furthermore, you need to make some allowances for future bottle that you are going to buy.  If you want to age a lot of wine, it is important you buy a bigger wine cooler than what you need at the moment. If you only buy cheap wine and drink it frequently, you should not buy a too big wine cooler.
+ The second thing that you need to consider about size is where you would place your wine cooler. You should think about a certain place and measure it carefully to make sure the wine cooler that you will buy fits the designated place in the kitchen.

3. Range of Temperature

There are 2 types of wine cooler when it comes to temperature. They are the single zone wine cooler and the dual zone wine cooler.
A single zone wine cooler allows you to set the temperature at only 1 level. For a dual zone wine cooler, you will be able to adjust to any temperature that you like.
Generally, a single zone wine cooler is much cheaper and easier to function. A dual zone wine cooler has a higher price. Although it is very convenient, a dual zone wine cooler seems to be less durable.

4. The Noise of A Wine Cooler

This factor is very important, especially when you live in a small house. Basically, the noise level of a wine cooler depends on different types of wine cooler as well,
For an electric wine collar with the use of a compressor based cooling system, you should expect to have a lot of noise.
A thermo wine cooler is one of the quietest ranges of wine coolers.
If you want to buy a relatively loud wine cooler, you need to consider about where you should put the machine in the house so that it will not affect other activities of other people.
Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that you need to consider between level of noise and temperature.
If you want a wine cooler with a quiet sound, you should expect it to have a narrower range of temperature than with a thermo wine cooler.

5. Other Options That You Can Consider

There are a few options that a wine cooler may have varying in different styles and types. These options are very user-friendly, which helps you to have a much more user friendly experience with a wine cooler.
Here is the list of other options that you could consider for your ease of mind:
  • Auto temperature adjustment: This option is very convenient, especially when you have to sleep over night. With this feature, you don’t have to wake up regularly during the night to check if your wine cooler is running properly.
  • Humidity: One of the most important factors from a wine cooler. A constant level of humidity will ensure that the quality of the wine is intact.
  • Auto defrosting: this option helps to maintain the overall conditions of a wine cooler.
  • Locks: if you have small toddles and children, a lock on your wine cooler will help to keep them from getting into your precious wine bottles.

6. Its Designs

The last option is decided bases on your preference. There is no right or wrong or the best choice for a specific decision.
There are plenty of ways you can choose your wine cooler. You will have the option between wooden and stainless steel racks. You can also ask for light and glass as well.
You can choose whatever design that you want, just remember to pick one that suits your interior design the most.
You also need to consider the option of built in and free standing wine cooler. Built in wine cooler can blend  with your house better.
I hope that you would find my general guide informative and easy to follow. There are a lot of things that you need to look for in order to find a wine cooler that suits you the most.
By following my checklist, knowing your preference and doing comparative shopping, you would be able to make the most informed choice. I hope you will have a lot of good time drinking your wine you have aged.

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Top 6 Reasons Why You Need A Wine Cooler

Do you love wine? And are you living in a small house?
If the answer to both of the question is Yes, I am sure that you will need a wine cooler. Wine cooler is becoming more and more popular to the people who are like you.
So what is a wine cooler? A wine cooler can help to cool wine to a preferred temperature, which is ideal for wine. It is also compact that it can fit into many small kitchens and living rooms.
If you are considering among wine cooler, refrigerator and wine cellar, let’s read on to see what the benefits of wine cooler are over other appliances.
Here are the top benefits of a wine cooler:

1. It Is Cheaper

In comparison with a wine cellar and a refrigerator of the same capacity, a wine cooler is generally cheaper.
A wine cooler is built to serve the only purpose of cooling wine while a refrigerator is built to serve multiple purposes such as keeping fresh vegetables and freezing foods.
It has fewer features; therefore, it does not need many things to be built with, hence the price if cheaper.
Furthermore, a wine cooler is relatively smaller in size; therefore, you would pay less for electricity.
In term of running cost, I would like to mention the maintenance cost as well. A wine cooler contains very simple parts as well as simple mechanism. Therefore, you can find replacement parts easily on the market with a very competitive price.
Overall, in term of upfront of and running cost, a wine cooler is much cheaper than a wine cellar and a refrigerator.

2. It Is Convenient to Store Any Kind of Wine

When people mention about a wine cellar, it would come to my mind that it is an appliance to store aging wine which should be stored for a long time, may be 5 years and even up to 20 years. It is not that suitable for any other type of wine.
In term of a refrigerator, you can store almost anything in there. However, they will sure have different ideal temperatures. If you want to have a lower temperature for your vegetables, it would be too hot for your wine. And if you want to have a higher temperature for your meat, it will be too cold for your wine. That is the reason why it is hard to have an ideal temperature for your wine in a refrigerator.
Unlike a wine cellar and a refrigerator, a wine cooler is made for wine only. Therefore, you can store all types of wine in the cooler, from the very aging one to new one. You can also store wine within the perfect, ideal temperature which is constant all the time.
Temperature is one thing that could contribute to the quality of wine. The other thing that needs to be taken into consideration is the light. The reason why bottles of wine are designed with dark and thick material is to protect the wine from contacting with the natural or fluorescent light.
A wine cooler offers a solid door with an ability to protect against the light and prevent it from getting into your wine and destroy its quality. The protection is much more useful over the long time when the wine is more exposed to the natural light.

3. It Is Very Portable

Some wine coolers are portable enough you can bring them anywhere. It is very suitable for a team building event or a camping session and other various social events. Everyone would be able to enjoy cool wine which the tastes are at their best thanks to their ideal temperature of storing.
Most of the wine coolers are smaller than a refrigerator and a wine cooler, making it very easy for you to put the wine cooler in any place that you desire in the kitchen or in the living room without making these rooms look crowded.

4. It Keeps the Kitchen Tidy

As I mention above, it is very portable because it is small and could fit easily. Therefore, when you put a wine cooler in the kitchen, it does not bring a feeling that the kitchen is too small.
Furthermore, you can use a wine cooler to store and cool glasses, saving other space for your kitchen.
Although a wine cooler is small, it can hold up quite a large amount of bottles. Therefore, you can put in all of the bottles- both full and empty in the wine cooler, making your kitchen look tidier and cleaner.

5. It Is Environmental Friendly

Firstly, a wine cooler uses less electricity than a wine cellar or a refrigerator, which helps to save the energy for our planet.
Since it runs on a thermoelectric method of calling, a wine cooler helps you to save energy and money on energy as well.
With its innovative technologies, a wine cooler will produce no chemicals and harsh compounds, making it a safe choice for environmental friendly people.

6. You Can Use A Wine Cooler to Store Many Things

The last benefits of having a wine cooler that I want to mention here is its ability to store various kinds of drinks and foods besides storing wine.
You can store drinks such as water, smoothies and fruit juices. However, it is not suitable to store fast-perishing products like milk in a wine cooler since it tends to have lower temperature than the ideal temperature for fast-perishing drinks.
You can also store some fruits such as apples and grapes in a wine cooler.
Here are some of the top reasons why a wine cooler is becoming an appliance that you cannot live without. In comparison with a wine cellar and a refrigerator, it is cheaper to buy and run. Furthermore, it is very exclusive to all types of wine and would be able to maintain the perfect constant temperature and humidity for the wine.
In addition, a wine cooler is also very compact and portable, which you can bring to many social events and place it anywhere in your house. It would help to make a lot of space fot your kitchen as well.
Lastly, you can use a wine cooler for other purposes such as storing other soft drinks, beverages and fruits.
If you finally decide to purchase a wine cooler to store all of your wine, it could probably be one of the most thoughtful decisions you have made for your wine, your kitchen and your life.

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Maintaining Your Wine’s Quality With A Wine Cooler

If you are considering a home appliance to store your wine, you should know about various options such as wine cellar, wine cooler and normal refrigerator.
A wine cooler is a popular choice among many wine lovers thanks to its compact sizes and its excellent job it could do for your collection of wine. Not to mention it is cheaper than a wine cellar while doing the same job.
You can use a wine cooler to store your wine for a long time. You can also age it or put it in a separate compartment for it ready to be served.
The important of storing wine properly:
If you are a wine lover, you will know about how important it is to maintain your wine collection of wine. When your wine is stored in the ideal and constant temperature, it will maintain its quality as well as its true notes and full flavors.
Furthermore, in order to age your wine nicely, you should store it in a proper environment. You will never be able to age your wine if you place it in the room’s temperature.
A wine cooler offers you an environment with controlled temperature so that you can put both of young and aged wine. You can also put a bottle of wine in there just before you serve it.
How let’s find out in more detail why a wine cooler can help you to store your wine efficiently:

1/ It Provides A Consistent Temperature Range

If you want to store your collection of wine in the cupboard, you are about to face the too hot temperature sometimes and too cold temperature sometimes. In fact, the room temperature tends to fluctuate dramatically, not by seasons by also by days as in the day time it is much hotter than in the night time.
A change in temperature frequently will damage the quality of the wine.
You may also want to consider keeping your wine in a refrigerator. Normally, a typical refrigerator will be set at the degree of below 50 degree Fahrenheit. This level of temperature is not warm enough for the wine to be aged nicely and bring full flavors.
Furthermore, you will need your refrigerator a lot during a day for cooking. When you open and close it during the day, it will constantly lose its temperature. Therefore, it could not be safe to store your wine in a refrigerator.
A wine cooler is designed to keep your wine at the degrees from 50 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit. This range of temperature is ideal if you want to store your wine for a short time and for your wine to age nicely too.
It is also very important that this range of temperature is maintained so that your wine is always kept at the best condition.

2/ It Prevents Natural Light

Have you ever wondered why all of the wine bottles are made with thick and dark cover? The reason for it is because the thick and dark material will offer protection against the natural light.
If natural light and fluorescent light can get into the bottles of wine, they will destroy the quality of the wine’s flavor. In the end, all you can taste is flat and boring taste with no flavor at all.
If you store your wine outside, the thick and dark cover can protect your wine for a short time only. If all of your wine bottles have a prolong contact with the light, the quality of these wine is sure down a lot.
A wine cooler with solid door and glass doors as well as built in light protection will help you solve this problems.  All of the natural light and fluorescent light cannot get into your wine, keeping the quality of the wine intact.
Most of the wine coolers are made from solid stainless steel or tempered glasses. While all of the material could help to protect your wine from the UV rays, a glass door offers a bit of design and helps you to view and show off your collection.

3/ You Can Easily Change the Temperature

There are various types of thermostat systems in a wine cooler. These 3 types of thermostat systems include the manual, electronic and one-touch system.
With a manual system, you need to have certain knowledge of what temperature so that you can set your wine cooler to a correct temperature.
 With electronic and one-touch system, you don’t need to know about the temperature a it is already pre-programmed.

4/ It Keep Proper Serving Temperatures

As I mentioned above, you can use your wine cooler to store your white wine just before serving. You can adjust the wine temperature to a lower level for the wine to be chilled before you drink it. That would apply for a single zone wine cooler.
With a double zone wine cooler, you don’t have to change the setting accordingly. In fact, you would have 2 separate compartments, one for a lower level of temperature which is used to put wine ready to be served and one for a higher level which is used to store wine.
There are some tips on choosing the best wine cooler for your house:
  • Make sure you pay attention to the size of a wine cooler. You should know as well where you intend to put the wine cooler and get the approximate dimensions when you go to the store.
  • Also think ahead about a wine cooler’s capacity. If you often buy wine in bulk and like to age some of your wine then you should go for a big wine cooler. If it is not, a small wine cooler will do just fine.
  • Pay attention to the noise level of a wine cooler as well, especially when you have to put it in the living room or in the kitchen.
Here are some of the best things that a wine cooler would do for your collection of wine. By maintaining a constant and perfect range of temperature, it helps your wine to be stored and aged nicely. It also protects your wine from natural light and creates an exclusive environment for your wine.
A wine cooler also offers various benefits besides keeping the best environment for your wine. It is very convenient and saves you a lot of space in your tiny house.
If you finally decide to buy a wine cooler, it could be one of your wisest choices and I am sure that you will never disappoint with this machines.

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Different Types of Wine Coolers

If you have a lot of wine bottles at you house and want to store them properly with the right temperature and humidity, you should consider buying a wine cooler.
A wine cooler can help you to maintain the excellent quality of the wine bottle as well as other benefits such as it saves money on cost of running and maintaining and it also saves time.
When you want to purchase one wine cooler in the market, there are a few things that you need to consider such as the price, the noise level or the size and design of the wine cooler.
But first, you need to consider the type of the wine cooler that you would like the most; this will make the selection process much easier.
In general, based on design, mechanism and setting of temperatures, we will have 2 different types of wine cooler.

1/ Built In Wine Cooler And Free Standing Wine Coolers

  • Built In Wine Cooler:

As the name suggest, a built in wine cooler is built under the counter in your kitchen
Its pros: this type of wine cooler helps you to save up a lot of space, especially floor space in a tiny house.
Its cons: A built in wine cooler is particularly more expensive than other types of wine cooler because of its special design with no ventilation around the wine cooler.
Furthermore, you cannot buy any type of wine cooler and install it to any counter. You need to buy a specific wine cooler that is made for building in. The market for built in wine cooler is quite limited as well.
  • Free Standing Wine Cooler:

A free standing wine cooler is just like a refrigerator, which needs to stand on its own. A free standing wine cooler use a rear ventilation system, that is why it could not be built into your kitchen’s counter.
Its pros: This type of wine cooler is much cheaper than the other type. In addition, you can place your standing wine cooler anywhere in your house that you like.
It cons: It will take a lot of space according to what size you are going to pick for a free standing wine cooler.

2/ Single Zone And Dual Zone Wine Coolers

  • Single Zone Wine Collar

A single zone wine collar allow you to have a constant range of temperature.

Its pros: If you don’t have many varieties of wine, for example, your collection only consists of red and white wine so this is your best choice. Since everything will be stored around the same temperature, you don’t need to settle for other range of temperature.
It is cheaper than the type of dual zone wine cooler.
  • Dual Zone Wine Cooler:

A dual zone wine cooler has 2 different compartments with 2 different temperature settings. In most of the dual zone wine cooler, one compartment will have a wider range of temperature than the other one.
The compartment with a boarder range of temperature is warmer which runs around 55 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning that you will have better environment to serve different types of wine including both reds and wines.
The other compartment with a narrower range of temperature is cooler which can help to maintain other wines rather than red and white wine. This compartment is also ideal to keep your bottle of wine ready to be served.
Its pros: This type of wine collar is very suitable for anyone who has a lot of different types of wines which require different storage temperatures.
It is also quicker and more convenient for you to get the ideal serving temperature of your wine just before serving.
Its cons: Normally, a dual zone wine cooler is much more expensive than a single zone wine collar of the same size.

3/ Thermoelectric Wine Coolers And Compressor-Driven Wine Coolers

  • Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

This is an older technology of wine cooler than the other type. Normally, the heat is extracted and transferred from the cooling side inside the wine cooler to the hot side, which is located outside the wine cooler.
In the hot side of a wine cooler, there are a lot of cooling fins which are responsible for cooling and emitting the heat to the outside room.
Its pros: This technology is suitable for a wine cooler of the smaller size. Furthermore, the wine cooler which uses this technology has very simple parts. Lastly, it is quitter when working than the other type of wine cooler.
Its cons: This type of wine cooler is not as efficient as the other type.
It is also affected if it is placed in a very hot environment. In this case, this wine cooler will find it difficult to maintain a cool temperature inside it.
  • Compressor-driven Wine Cooler:

Its pros: This type of wine cooler is the most powerful and could maintain the best temperature under all kind of surroundings’ temperature.
Its cons: A compressor-driven wine cooler is more expensive than the other type of wine cooler. Furthermore, it is more complex with various assembled parts, which makes it hard for you to set up and will cost you a lot of money if it has to go for repair.
One of the biggest drawbacks of a compressor-driven wine cooler is the noise; it is relatively noisier when it operates.
Lastly, a compressor-driven wine cooler is heavier than a wine cooler of the other type.

4/ Wooden Rack Materials And Chrome Wire Rack Materials

The most popular choices on the market for rack materials include wooden racks, chrome wire racks.
Theses 2 different types of material do not affect the quality or the temperature settings inside a wine cooler.
Choosing between these 2 types is just a matter of your personal preference. You can also choose the rack that suits your interior house design as well.
The thing that you need to put more concern is how easy it is for you to remove the rack for cleaning purpose and for access to your wine collection.
Besides these different types of wine cooler I mentioned above, there are still a lot of different wine coolers with different features that you need to consider such as door material and temperature controls
I hope that with all the information provided here, you will gain more insights about wine coolers and will know better which wine cooler you will go after for purchasing.  After all, all these types of wine coolers both have their own advantages and disadvantages. You should consider among them before making the finally decision.

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